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Taiji 42 Competition Forms - Thái Cực Quyền 42 thức

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Taiji 42 Competition Forms - Thái Cực Quyền 42 thức

Post by VietKiem on Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:47 pm

Taiji 42 Competition Form
Mile Square Park          
Date: 8/21/2016
Instructor: Viet Tran

Introduction: The 42 Competition Form t'ai chi ch'uan is the standard Wushu competition form which combines movements drawn from the Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun styles of traditional T'ai chi ch'uan (Taijiquan). It was created in 1989 by grandmaster Li De Yin for the Chinese Sports Committee. The 42-form has been subjected to criticism for being a hybrid form, but in actual practice it has received a lot of positive attention as well, for being a challenging, fluid form which loads the body with energy (qi). Today it is a popular form for competition as well as for personal health benefits.  At the 11th Asian Games of 1990, Wushu was included as an item for competition for the first time with the 42 Form being chosen to represent Tai Chi.

Section 1Đoan 1Style
1. Commencing formKhởi thếYang
2. Grasp the peacock's tail (right)Hữu Lãm Tước VĩYang
3. Single whip (left)Tả Đơn tiênYang
4. Raise handsĐề ThủYang
5. White crane spreads its wingsBạch hạc lượng síYang
6. Brush knee and twist step on both sidesHữu Tả Lâu Tất Ảo BộYang
7. Parry and punchPhiết Thân ChùyYang
8. Deflect and press on both sidesHữu Tả Lý Tê ThếYang
9. Parry and pushTấn Bộ Ban Lan ChùyYang
10. Apparent closeNhư Phong Tự BếYang
Section 2Đoan 2 
11. Open and close handsKhai Hợp thủSun
12. Single whip (right)Hữu Đơn TiênSun
13. Punch under elbowTrữu Để ChùySun
14. Turn body and push palm on both sidesHữu Tả Chuyển Thân Thôi ChưởngSun
15. Fair lady works the shuttles on both sidesTả Hữu Ngọc Nử Xuyên ThoaYang
16. Kick with heel on both sidesHữu Tả Đăng CướcYang
17. Cover hands and punchYểm Thủ Quăng ChùyChen
18. Part the wild horse's mane on both sidesTả Hữu Dã Mã Phân TôngChen
Section 3Đoan 3 
19. Wave hands like cloudsVân ThủYang
20. Step back and beat the tigerĐộc Lập Đả HổWu
21. Separate legs (right) Kicking with Toes ForwardHữu Phân CướcWu
22. Strike opponent's ears with both fistsSong Phong Quán NhỉYang
23. Separate legs (left)Tả Phân CướcYang
24. Turn body and slap footChuyển Thân Hữu Phách CướcYang
25. Step forward and punch downwardTấn Bộ Tài ChùyYang
26. Oblique flyingTà Phi ThứcYang
27. Snake creeps to the rightHữu Đơn Tiên Hạ ThếYang
28. Golden rooster stands on one leg (right and left)Hữu Tả Kim Kê Độc LậpYang
29. Step back and thrust palmThoái Bộ Xuyên ChưởngChen
30. Press palm in empty stanceHư Bộ Áp ChưởngChen
31. Hold palm up and stand on one legĐộc Lập Thác ChưởngChen
Section 4 Đoan 4 
32. Lean with body in horse stanceMã Bộ KháoChen
33. Turn body for large roll backChuyển Thân Đại LýYang
34. Grab and punch in resting stepYết Bộ Cầm NảWu
35. Thread palm and push downXuyên Chưởng Hạ ThếWu
36. Step forward to seven-star postureThượng Bộ Thất TinhYang
37. Mount the tiger and stand on one legThoái Bộ Khóa HổYang
38. Turn body with lotus kickChuyển Thân Bãi LiênYang
39. Bend the bow to shoot the tigerLoan Cung Xạ HổYang
40. Grasp the peacock's tail (left)Tả Lãm Tước VĩYang
41. Cross handsThập Tự ThủYang
42. Closing formThu ThứcYang


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